THROUGHOUT MY career in graphic design and production, I HAVE developed and delivered materials for print, web, film, and fine-art projects, with an emphasis on coordinating a branded look and feel across various media. MY work is consistently on budget, on schedule, and beyond client expectations.
graphic production work is hard to isolate in a portfolio. some of these samples only show the tip of the iceberg, the peak expertise of strategists, space planners, marketers, design teams and clients working towards a common goal which I'm (usually) delighted to share. in other words, what you see here is sometimes no more "mine" than the honey belongs to a single bee.  
I'M ALSO an award-winning fine-art and documentary photographer, and a proficent, thorough copy editor and proofreader. Hire mE and you wouldn't have had to spot the typo in the previous sentence.
About the name: it’s pronounced “d’knee.” Once used to summon my maternal grandfather, Dene Ralyea Edgerton, it’s now carried jointly by me and my niece, as well as an indigenous group of First Nations in the Arctic (no relation).
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